Edging UK - Local Edging Specialists

Edging UK - Local Edging Specialists

Here at edging UK we are happy to support a wide range of machines, both new and old. We have experience working with wecos dating back to the 1970's and have access to manuals going back to weco 12's and 1060's, and are happy to support those who wish to use these vintage machines, today.


Here at Edging UK, we supply you with new Weco edgers and all the parts, consumables and systems  you need for optiticans & glazing houses


In addition to supplying new machines, we also service and repair your Weco edging systems and recondition second-hand machines


Edging UK supplies and services a wide range of workshop equipment. We are happy to advise and comment on suitability for your application


Edging UK operate country wide, serving multinational, national, and individual bespoke clients. Predominant markets are opticians and laboratories.

Weco Machines

For nearly 100 years  WErnicke  & CO  (WECO)  from Eller, Dusseldorf, Germany, built world class lens edging systems and for 35 years plus I was proud to work, for either a major end user or the distributor for the Uk of these outstanding machines.I have now set up my own company  to support these machines in Great Britain and Ireland. I look forward to being able to service your machine in the future.

- Malcolm J Smith

A Link to our Partners

Dibble Optical


Dibble Optical opened for business in 2009 as the exclusive UK distributor for Breitfeld & Schliekert. The company are distributors for the full range of 3M LEAP adhesive pads and has rapidly asserted itself as one of the leading suppliers of these products in the UK.
Hopewell Business Centre, Hopewell Dr, Chatham ME5 7DX
01634 880 885

D T Optical

21, Orchard lane, Hutton, Driffield, Yorkshire YO25 9PZ
07891 337 250